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Expand your horizon with our SAS predictive analytics offering

Technologies are continually offering new and innovative ways to manage, analyze and report information. While such solutions offer amazing advantages, it can be difficult for enterprise to fully appreciate how to use them to their fullest capacity to meet their specific needs.

Several global enterprise have already benefited from SESANV’s business analytics offering powered by SAS’ pioneering platforms. Our strategic alliance helps clients in several industries leverage the power of advanced data analysis to seize growth opportunities, get precise answers to complex problems and speed innovation and decision making.

Our SAS Analytics Competence Center brings together the global leader in business analytics software and SESANV’s advanced management consulting, technology and outsourcing services to create a uniquely powerful offering.

With more than a decade of experience in successfully deploying SAS platforms, we are focusing our effort on helping enterprise of all sizes embrace the power of analytics to anticipate competitive movements, forecast supply chain breakdowns, optimize promotional offerings, foresee expansion options and unleash innovative insights that drive better business outcomes.

We are a recognized SAS Alliance Partner, having demonstrated superior levels of successful implementations, technical capabilities, and advanced certifications. We are using SAS technologies to develop industry-leading products and services in key vertical markets.

We have successfully implemented SAS driven solutions on more than 100 occasions for clients operating in:

Banking & Finance: Marketing & Customer Experience, Risk & Compliance

Communications: Network & Care Analytics

Government: Tax and revenue management, Smart Cities and Public Safety

Utilities: Grid Analytics, Operational Risk Management and Customer Analytics

Manufacturing: Supply & Demand Planning and Product & Process Quality

SESANV provides a comprehensive portfolio of more than 20 industry, cross-industry and function-specific analytical offerings. Our assets include proven standards and industry-leading practices, automated development tools and reusable architecture components.

Combining unparalleled experience in business analytics software and services, comprehensive capabilities across industries and business functions we collaborate with clients to help them become the high-performance enterprises they seek to become.



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