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Explore your ability to Innovate ... go OPEN

Utilizing Open Source technology for your development projects not only is cost effective but it is also becoming the primary utilized way forward for even the biggest companies around. 
As a service provider in a wide range of industries, SESA NV’s specialists have many years of experience and considerable know-how in the development of innovative embedded Linux and open source solutions for some of the biggest organizations in Europe, providing affordable and reliable services for every kind of businesses.
Our offering combines the necessary technical and functional expertise to develop tailored solutions that will optimize your organization. With competence spanning from system design, development, integration and quality assurance to system administration and applications operations we have helped hundreds of companies reach higher ROI from their Open Source investments:

• SesaNV has developed, is developing, and maintaining several millions of lines of code (LOC) and over one million Function Points (FP) for primary corporations in diverse sectors that use open source languages, frameworks, RDBMS, platforms (such as BPMs, CMSs, DMSs, application and web servers) as well as Operating Systems

• We are responsible for Applications Operations Management and Testing Services of a large number of Tier1 enterprises that use open source tools to monitor application’s performances and functionalities, manage incidents and problems, automate tests, generate alerts and manage sw development lifecycles

• Our system administrators manage, monitor and maintain on daily bases thousands instances of open source Operating Systems and RDBMS

There is no need to have less when you can obtain the maximum from your open source platforms and tools. Don’t worry either about your size ... whether you are a big multinational or a small company in its first attempt to introduce an Open Source solution, SESA NV’s services is the right fit for you.



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