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Unlock true business value and accelerate innovation through our Oracle Practice

Any technology, howsoever great it may be, is useless if it fails to meet its user’s expectations. Large deployments inherently signify a risk for IT organizations in terms of meeting ROI, respecting operational KPIs, having the necessary flexibility to readily introduce new services and cut down ongoing maintenance costs. To support such organizations, SESA NV has established a center of excellence that provides for leadership, evangelization, best practices, research and training so that you can fully benefit from your Oracle deployments.
Refined from years of intense research and practical experience, our unique approach integrally aligns business drivers with solution delivery and allows for valuable organization-wide deployments that supports robust business case scenarios for each stakeholder co-involved.
Our wide-ranging set of services include implementation, development and customization, root-cause analyses and bug fixing, proactive operational support and maintenance.

At the center of our Oracle practice lies a combination of various methodologies, software tools and large scale project management standards that can be readily applied to achieve flawless and continues operation of your Oracle platforms.

SESA NV has more than 15 years of experience in large-scale Oracle technology implementation projects:

• Designed, developed and managed Siebel CRM solutions for :

• The biggest Telco Operator in Europe
• The biggest Telco Operator in Sweden and one of the most important in Finland and Russia
• The first and the fourth mobile-phones manufacturer in the world,
• The second NEP (network equipment provider) in the world,
• The biggest private TV Broadcaster in Italy,
• The biggest railway company in Italy,
• A primary Energy Operator in Italy.

• Designed, deployed and managed about 15000 Oracle and mysql RDBMSs instances and Data Integrator Projects for:

• The biggest Energy Company in Italy,
• The biggest Telco Operator in Europe,
• A primary banking and insurance company in Italy,
• The first NEP provider in the world,
• The first Public IT company in Italy.

• Designed, implemented and managed hundreds of Oracle SOA, Oracle BPM, Oracle Weblogic and Oracle Tuxedo solutions for:

• The biggest Telco Operator in Europe,
• The biggest Postal Company in Italy and one of the most important in Europe,
• The second Municipality in Italy.

• Designed, developed and managed an indeterminable number of solutions using Java and pl/sql.

While many companies may promise Oracle expertise, on-time delivery, and on-budget projects, SESA NV consistently delivers on this promise and has a myriad of customer references that proves just this.



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