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Applications have always been one the richest source of business value to organizations. Our comprehensive portfolio of Application Development & Integration Services combine technical and business expertise with client insight to develop tailored solutions that optimize your business. We have been helping hundreds of organizations accelerate new initiatives, update legacy systems or, simply, take advantage of new technologies and channels.

With a well-defined agile ecosystem, processes, accelerators, and talented experts, we provide application development and maintenance services delivered by a cost-effective mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore resources.This ensures the required flexibility, speed, agility and delivery quality regardless of project complexity or geographical location.

Our vendor-agnostic services are highly industrialized, driven by vigorous SLAs, based on industry-standard best practices anda robust set of methodologies and frameworks.
Our value proposition is distinguished through a unique set of features:

Governance model: you remain in control. We will ensure acomplete alignment of our services with your business and IT strategies objectives, operational plans and budgetary constraints.

Comprehensive SLAs: clearly defined KPIs monitored constantly to measure performance and ensure a risk free execution.

Transition process: based on a proactive change management approach, our transition process enables clients to migrate smoothly without impactingongoing business operations.

Portfolio rationalization: our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertiseenable us to go beyond the mere delivery of an IT service. Through a detailed assessment andfuture impact analysis of your application portfolio, we can help you rationalize your investment program.

Cost savings: we have a track record of generating significant cost savings for our clients through a combination of tailored made solutions that are focused on their specific needs.

SESANV’s Application Development & Integration services will help you address evolving business and technology challenges by designing and developing applications tailor-made to support your objectives.



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