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It’s all about user experience

Over the past few years mobile networks have gained unparalleled momentum as their underlined technology allowed for an ever-increasing capacity, reduced latency and the fulfillment of the higher demand for bandwidth required from smart devices. Operators’ profits are linked to their ability to provide high quality services by optimizing their infrastructure usage and foreseeing / eliminating issues affecting quality and availability. This can only be achieved by means of a deeper knowledge of traffic data, network performance and customers’ behaviors.

SESANV has developed a Network Analytics system for 4G, allowing collection and processing of data generated by the network elements. Advanced statistical analysis and a dedicated set of KPIs are implemented for monitoring and improving quality of services and proper planning of network capacity.

Powered by SAS Visual Analytics, is designed to provide information on events and real-time measurements at network level, their correlation with users behaviors, analytical / predictive guidance for the optimization of infrastructure investment, planning of maintenance and continuous evaluation of the perceived quality of the service.

The platform is designed to qualify the following areas:

Allow network control for congestion, utilization, service consumption, troubleshooting, routing and scheduling to optimize resource allocation, customer satisfaction and reduce OPEX.

Empower the optimization of the Quality of Experience by providing timely customer insights.

Provide accurate forecasts of traffic volume and congestion to aid network planners in making the best CAPEX investments for network capacity.

Network Analytics uses advanced statistical and forecasting technologies to combine performance, device, application, usage, financial and quality of service target data from all network and system elements in a defined geography. The benefits of such approach are extremely significant and can be summarized as follows:

• Improve network quality and lower operating costs by rapidly identifying and fixing performance issues

• Increase customer satisfaction and experience maximizing redemption and reducing churn by improving network quality

• Improve network planning, investments and ROI for new 4G technology infrastructure roll-outs by identifying devices and usage patterns of different customer clusters

• Generate insights that will assist your marketing organization to define promotional campaigns

• Anticipate the evolution of traffic through the analysis of historical trends and by applying forecasting models

• Define network and coverage expansion to maximize Quality of Experience and ROI



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