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A fully Integrated Test Environment for your mobile network

The increasingly wide diffusion of mobile services, both for the consumer and business market, forces all players in the telecommunications arena to face the essential challenge of continuously providing high quality, content rich, value-added services while ensuring optimal user experience.

Telecom infrastructures are continuously evolving through the introduction of new network elements, technologies, standards and services; consequently, the continuous qualification of network services becomes critically important. In such scenario, the availability of a test bed enabling and managing the Validation & Verification process is an essential asset for a Mobile Operator.

SESANV addresses this topic with NATeP (Network Adaptative Test Platform). The NATeP platform offers customers in the telecommunications area, both NE suppliers and carriers, an automated solution for:

Functional testing, especially suited for no-regression testing of mobile network software components and validation of mobile services, with particular emphasis on customization/adaptation of the test scenarios, typically specific to the needs of each customer.

Heavy load and stress test sessions, including endurance and steady load tests.

The main goal of the NATeP platform is to provide a fully Integrated Test Environment (ITE) that manages the whole process, from test case design to results evaluation, and that operates within a continuous qualification concept-framework.
Such framework is designed to allow for the integration of virtually any type of testing device, both commercial and custom, in order to natively support the process of technological innovation. The plugin-based schema is designed to permit the definition of protocols and adaptive modules and enable the fast integration of external components.

Some distinct differentiation points of the NATeP approach are:

• the ability to specify customer specific parameters and network behavior scenarios for a test definition that simulates accurately real operating constraints

• the solution adapts to the various network technologies, the complexity of the network elements under test, the users’ profile and so on

• NATeP is designed to be an open platform with a flexible device/appliance addressing method and isolation capabilities, well suited for facing the SDN/NFV paradigm.

Several major telecom service and network equipment providers have optimized the usage of their test resources, reduced the complexity of their test environment and benefited from NATeP’s powerful post processing tools. Our offer includes an unparalleled breadth of services and solutions for mobile network testing that spans from radio access to backhaul and core network. Network planning, deployment, optimization and operation services complete our portfolio.



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