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The Future Network is already here!

The Future Network has arrived, evidenced in technology virtualization, NFV and SDN. This will rapidly become more apparent, revolutionizing CP operations and providing End Users, be they individuals or organizations, with unprecedented access to digital services. Such change will influence the telecommunications market is different ways:

• Communications Networks will provide ever-increasing bandwidth, IPv6 will enable the Internet of Things and all network traffic will evolve to packetized data.

• Communications Providers will merge their technology departments into a single end-to-end organization where the network and IT will be an inseparable continuum. They must have a strategy that includes the co-existence of NFV and SDN with legacy network elements and develop a roadmap towards full NFV/SDN adoption.

• Device Vendors must hone their SDN strategies to adopt open standards and have an aggressive roadmap for delivering their NFV and SDN offerings to the communications market.

• Software Vendors with Network Monitoring (NMS) and/or Network Performance offerings must enable their offerings to encompass SDN and NFV.

• End Users, be they consumers or enterprises, will be the winners, benefitting from the:
• Reduction in complexity
• Speed of delivering new services
• Speed of communications
• Control over what they want, when and where

In response to these transformational forces, SESANV works side-by-side with Telco Service Providers supporting the evolution of their network infrastructures and platforms while building strategic partnerships with key Telco Cloud & SDN market players to provide a comprehensive full-fledged solution portfolio for your future needs.



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