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Realizing service and operational excellence

The energy sector is strategic for all countries. It represents an essential element of the productive economy. Currently, regulatory reasons, growing competition, mergers and acquisitions and privatization have changed the way energy and utility companies do business.

Furthermore, technological innovation, the development of renewable energy sources, the progressive advent of new modes of transportation and customers’ desire to take greater control of managing consumption have led many energy and utility companies to innovate and change to ensure better business efficiency. There are some crucial factors that impact the way to do business:

• Concentration (mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures) and greater competition between organizations, on local and international basis.

• Market diversification: global energy companies.

• New energy sources and distributed generation using new intelligent networks (smart grids).

• Client oriented focus that values loyalty above all

• A growing demand for greater levels of personalized and added value services.

• Energy efficiency leading to the optimization of both energy consumption and prices.

• Local legislative changes.

We help energy and utility companies to optimize their business processes and IT solutions and address operational, commercial and energy management challenges.

We can do this by supporting companies in developing strategic projects and solutions mainly in these areas:

• Smart Meter remote management: monitoring of energy delivery and service quality, as well as the status of transmission networks

• Forecasting: solutions for the optimization of resource allocations, planning and capital expense budgeting. Providing the ability to predict the volume, magnitude and location of demand.

• Settlement: services to support industry settlement standards with multiple load profiling and estimation methods. Integration with customer information system to allow reporting or additional data analysis and distribution

• Management system in SCADA environments: systems used within the EMS - Energy Management System - for the acquisition, supervision and control of real-time systems

• Risk Management: expert support on risk assessment, risk prevention and risk monitoring projects

• Billing: Management of the entire billing and invoicing process for energy products and utility services

• Analytics: platforms for customer segmentation, fraud detection and churn analysis

With our services and solutions we let you efficiently and effectively evolve, operate, and maintain your ICT systems in key business processes.




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