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Transforming operations, introducing innovative products and managing your risks

Because of the global financial crisis, financial institutions are required to seek new sources of revenue, streamline their operations to reduce operating costs, improve the relationship with their clients and attract new ones.

In an increasingly competitive market, banks must take every opportunity to differentiate themselves and exceed customer expectations in service delivery. They have to deal with regulatory changes, phenomena such as capital management, risk management and corporate global growth, while meeting the demand for more transparency.

We can help financial services institutions to reduce the total cost of ownership of IT, be compliant with regulatory and risk management standard, optimize the relationship with their customers and integrate new technologies such as Cloud, Analytics and Mobile.

We do this through the offering of specific services and solutions that allow for:

• Data Governance: end to end management of company data life cycle to optimize the business value that the data represent. Data integration, data quality, master data management, business intelligence and big data.

• Compliance & Risk Management: risk models development and testing (Basel II, Basel III, Credit Scoring), regulatory laws for Data Privacy and Data Masking (Circular n. 263) as well as IT risk monitoring.

• Customer Analytics: Improve customer knowledge to reduce churn, understand his needs and meet his expectations in terms of services. Data mining for customer profiling, marketing campaign management, multichannel contacts management and behavioral analysis.

• Credit card management: solutions for credit card life cycle management – credit card applications, issuing, customer evaluation, operations monitoring, management of marketing campaigns.

• Testing: specific testing solutions for ATM platforms

With our offering, we give you the right tools to gain more competitiveness through a better knowledge of your business, your processes and your customers.




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Increasing efficiency and automation of the portfolio segmentation and scoring process.


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